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Season 1
Episode 1 - "Revive! Legendary Hero" Episode 2 - Burn! Pegasus Meteor Fist! Episode 3 - "Cygnus! Warrior of the Ice Fields" Episode 4 - Dragon! The Invincible Fist and Shield Episode 5 - Miraculous Revival! Cosmo of Friendship Episode 6 - Phoenix! The Warrior who Saw Hell Episode 7 - Stolen! The Gold Cloth Episode 8 - Defeat them! The Black Phoenix Army Episode 9 - Formidable Enemies! The Black Four Appear Episode 10 - Beware Shiryu! The Cemetery of Cloths Episode 11 - Life and Death Struggle! The Terrifying Black Death Fist Episode 12 - Catch! Nebula Chain of Friendship Episode 13 - Burn Up! A Single Flaming Attack Episode 14 - Defeated! The Demon Illusion Fist Episode 15 - Revealed Now! The Enigma of Ikki Episode 16 - A Giant! The Fierce Attack of Docrates Episode 17 - Docrates escapes with Saori and Tatsumi as his hostages. Hyoga comes up with a plan. Seiya and Shun take the helmet to the colosseum, while Shiryu and Kiki go back to Mount Shishigabana to find the rest of the Gold Cloth. Docrates reveals himself to be Cassios' older brother and wants revenge for what Seiya did to his brother. Docrates' men run off with the helmet, but Hyoga defeats them and retrieves the helmet. He then returns to the colisseum to help his friends. He uses a technique, taught to him by his master, which freezes Docrates' enormous legs, immobilizing him. Seiya and Shun then team up to kill Docrates, thus saving Saori and Tatsumi. Unfortunately, Shiryu and Kiki are too late as a helicopter flies off with the rest of the Gold Cloth. Episode 18 - Rampage! The Ghost Saints of the Caribbean Episode 19 - Life or Death! Bloody Battle at the Island of Hell Episode 20 - Fighting Seriously! Shaina's Revenge Episode 21 - Cold-hearted! The Aurora Confrontation Episode 22 - Flaming Rebirth! Ikki the Immortal Episode 23 - Silver Saint! The Proud Assassin Episode 24 - Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet Episode 25 - Fight! Under Athena's Guidance Episode 26 - Friend or Foe! Steel Saints Episode 27 - Seiya Turns to Stone! The Shield of Medusa Episode 28 - Dragon! The Sacrificial Blow Episode 29 - Kidnapped! The Crow Army Attacks Saori Episode 30 - Burn! Cosmo of Love Episode 31 - Devil Illusion! Deadline of Life or Death Episode 32 - Great Explosion! Death Queen Island Episode 33 - Dragon and Tiger Clash! The Tears of the Light-Deprived Dragon Episode 34 - Farewell Friend! Rest in Peace Episode 35 - Desperate Journey! Dragon, Open Your Eyes! Episode 36 - Surprise! The Twelve Gold Cloths Episode 37 - The Mask Cries Out! Love or Death? Episode 38 - Clash! Gold Saint Episode 39 - Speed of Light! The Strong Fist Faster than the Speed of Sound Episode 40 - Let's Go! Our Departure Episode 41 - Great Battle at the Sanctuary! Athena's Greatest Crisis Episode 42 - The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses Episode 43 - Big Bang! Battle at the Golden Bull Temple Episode 44 - Gemini! The Maze of Light and Darkness Episode 45 - Horror! Adrift in Another Dimension Episode 46 - Cry Out! The Nebula Chain that Combines Attack and Defense Episode 47 - Farewell Hyoga! Sleep, O Brave One! Episode 48 - Dragon! Revive from the Land of the Dead Episode 49 - Love! Shunrei's Prayers Episode 50 - Arise Dragon! Shiryu's Angry Cosmo Episode 51 - Why! The Gold Lion Showed His Fangs Episode 52 - Arles! The Legendary Imperial Satanic Illusion Episode 53 - He's a Man! Cassios Dies for Love Episode 54 - Ikki! The Phoenix's Clipped Wings Episode 55 - Bonds of Friendship! Athena's Cry Episode 56 - Shaka! The Man Closest to a God Episode 57 - The Terror of Nothingness! Shaka Opened His Eyes Episode 58 - Heroic! Ikki Died For Friendship Episode 59 - Revive Cygnus! With Life, Death, and Love Episode 60 - Hyoga Revives! I'll Put My Life on the Line Episode 61 - Surrender or Death! As Long as I Still Have These Wings Episode 62 - Forge Ahead Hyoga! The Proud Hero Episode 63 - Resound! The Gold Cloths of the Sanctuary Episode 64 - Young Men! I Entrust Athena to You Episode 65 - The Holy Sword Roars! Shura vs. Dragon Episode 66 - Ah Shiryū! Become a Star and Vanish Episode 67 - Farewell! My teacher, my friends Episode 68 - Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite Episode 69 - Demon Roses! Sweet Fragrance of Death Episode 70 - Rest in Peace! Shun's Last Smile Episode 71 - The Fire Clock Extinguishes! The True Face of the Pope Episode 72 - Go Seiya! Get over the death of friends Episode 73 - Gather, Friends! Under Athena's Guidance
Season 2
Episode 1 - Enemies of the Northern Pole! The Legendary God Warriors Episode 2 - Hilda! The Goddess Entranced by Devils Episode 3 - The Giant Thor! Cosmo of Hatred Episode 4 - The Giant's Tears! Dying For Hilda's Cause Episode 5 - Bared Fangs! The Northern Wolf Fenrir Episode 6 - Sorrow! The Destiny of the Northern Wolf Pack Fist Episode 7 - Vanish in the Frozen Fields! Sad Howling Episode 8 - Freya! A Life and Death Struggle due to Love Episode 9 - Hägen unleashes the mighty technique Universe Freezing against Hyoga, but it is useless against him as he easily breaks free. Hyoga then tells Hägen that he let himself be captured by Asgard soldiers to discover what happened to Hilda. He was even severely beaten by Thor. But Freya came to Hyoga's cell and freed him, hoping that Athena and her Saints would help save her sister and Asgard. Hägen refuses to listen and attacks Hyoga with vicious assaults. Hägen remembers being Freya's closest friend during their childhood and one of Hilda's most loyal warriors. Hyoga attacks with the Aurora Thunder Attack, but Hägen attack retaliates with Great Ardent Pressure, a fire technique which easily renders Hyoga's attack useless. Episode 10 - Bewitching Harp! The Prelude of Death Beckoning Shun Episode 11 - Death Sentence! Stringer Requiem Episode 12 - Sorrowful Hero! Frozen Hatred Episode 13 - Phoenix! The Crimson Blazing Wings Episode 14 - Demon's Amethyst! The Cemetery of Saints Episode 15 - Sword of Flame! Dreadful Ambition Episode 16 - Evil Sacrifice! Forest of Spirits Episode 17 - Don't Look Back, Seiya! Cosmo of the Rising Dragon Episode 18 - Burn Up, Shun! Mystery Hidden in the Dark Fangs Episode 19 - Swirl! Shun's Ultimate Nebula Storm Episode 20 - Bud! The Fateful Twin Stars Episode 21 - Bond of Brotherhood! O Syd, Sleep with Your Ancestors Episode 22 - Noble Hero! The Legendary Knight Reborn Episode 23 - Dragon Against Dragon! A Chance of Victory in a 100,000th of a Second Episode 24 - Siren! Beautiful Melody of Death Episode 25 - Appearance of a Miracle! Odin Robe Episode 26 - Athena! Eternal, Noble Prayer
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Saint Seiya

The Saint Seiya anime (also known as Knights of the Zodiac), based on the manga series of the same name by Masami Kurumada, was produced by Toei Animation. It first premiered on Japan’s TV Asahi on October 11, 1986, and continued on until April 1, 1989. It was directed first by Kōzō Morishita (episodes 1–73) and then by Kazuhito Kikuchi (74–114). The character designers were Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno. Seiji Yokoyama composed the soundtrack. The chief scriptwriters were Takao Koyama (1–73) and Yoshiyuki Suga (74–114).

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Duration: 24 min


TMDb: 10

Saint Seiya


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